Can I Get a Comment. Can I Please Get a Comment.

Accompanying my Beta post I was also required to once again comment on three other Beta posts and self-reflect on the effectiveness of these comments.

Beta 1 – Why People Cosplay and What it Costs by paige smith

Summary – This Beta post discusses the culture of cosplay and the reasons behind the spending of so much time and money on them.

Firstly, I want to say I really love the topic for your DA. As someone interested in cosplay I’m keen to keep up with this!
I think you did a very good job in meeting the criteria for the video. You described the changes that you plan to make to the project and took in feedback from your pitch well. You also thoroughly demonstrated how you’ve already engaged with your potential audience on Instagram, and how that engagement relates back to your DA. I also appreciated how you mentioned a video tutorial you’ve already made however I think it would have benefited to have linked that video or shown clips. I also would have liked to have seen examples of the research you mentioned to further clarify the analysis you have already started. But overall the video was of a very high quality and very informative!

I was expecting to see further elaboration of your analysis in the blog post as it seemed to just reiterate what was already said in the video. I also would suggest maybe adding a timeline trajectory to just cement exactly what you plan on doing with this project and when. I did however find the use of screenshots of responses from your Instagram very effective in portraying audience engagement and research within the community.
I’ve linked the above resource as it discusses a study on the cost of cosplay as well as the psychological reasons of participating in cosplay which I think could be very useful to your research.
I also have linked this source which discusses more the identity aspect of cosplay culture which I believe could be an interesting path in your research.

For this comment I suggested that the author include further depiction and discussion of their prototype as that was a large part of this assessment. I also suggested that they clarified the research they had done as well as display a projected timeline for their future project as this would help the audience be able to clearly engage with the project.

I also linked two articles that discuss more post-structuralist studies on cosplay and its surrounding culture which I believe will be useful in the future analysis of this topic.

Beta 2 – Moral Panics & Violent Video Games by serenasbasicblog

Summary – This Beta post discusses the history and potential future of moral panics caused by the belief of video games causing violence.

I really appreciated the short summary reminder at the start of this video that outlined your DA’s approach. The layout of your video as a PowerPoint was very effective and made the whole video very easy to follow. You also were very thorough in creating and sharing prototypes of your DA through blog posts and you’re one of the first people I’ve seen to do so in such depth so well done! You also engaged quite a lot with your potential audience through Twitter, which was great to see, and I myself saw a lot of these posts throughout the past few weeks. Finally, I want to commend your incorporation of feedback from your pitch and how you plan on incorporating this into the DA before submission. It was very obvious that you took into account the criticism and advice that you have gotten and that you are keen to put it to use! I have very little to fault on this video as it was incredibly clear and to the point, and while you did go a bit over the recommended length, it didn’t seem to drag on or discuss anything I found to be irrelevant.

Your blog post was also very informative and discussed your previous blog posts in more depth, which I was hoping to see. The explanation of how you found more research for your topic was also great to see as it further showed your process in the creation of this DA. The links to the articles and your previous blog posts also made it very easy to navigate and is incredibly helpful in allowing the audience to find their way to other aspects of your DA that was previously mentioned in your video. One thing I would have liked to have seen however is more of a trajectory in when and where you will be posting future content, as while you did say you would be posting further on social media I think a stricter timeline would help further.
I’ve linked this article which discusses the desensitisation to violence through over-exposure in video games which affects peoples relationship to violence in real life which I believe could be a useful resource in your future research.

Once again for this Beta, I commented on how a projected timeline for their project would have been beneficial to further engage their audience. I also suggested they clarify they future use of social media to clear up any misconceptions.

The resource that I provided will also hopefully help in further analysing the effects of video games regarding violence, yet discusses the role of desensitisation within this topic which is an avenue the author hadn’t seemed to yet consider.

Beta 3 – Project Beta: Where We Are Now by antslife

Summary – This Beta post discusses the role of video games in education, specifically focusing on Minecraft.

The overall quality of your video was very well done. It was interesting to watch and the visuals kept me engaged throughout its entirety. You were also very thorough in describing how you took in previous feedback, especially how you are going to focus on Minecraft in particular as well include analysis from other subjects you are taking which I believe will be very beneficial to your DA. You also discussed how you attempted to engage an audience on Reddit, which while you didn’t gain any feedback from, is a good platform to use and shows your effort. I would have however further attempted to engage an audience on other platforms such as Twitter once you saw that there wasn’t a large amount of participation happening. I also would have liked to have seen potentially more discussion about your blog post prototype in this video as I found myself unsure if you had actually created a prototype until I read your accompanying post.

Your blog post mainly reiterated what was already covered in the video and so I would have liked to have seen further discussion on research and how you plan to take your analytical approach to the DA. I would have also liked to have seen more about your prototype blog post as mentioned before, however I do appreciate it being linked in this post as it is a very important part of this Beta assessment.
I have linked the above article which I believe will benefit your research as it discusses the educational value in video games alongside their entertainment value for children.

For this Beta I suggested that the author attempt to further engage with their potential audience as well as further discuss their prototype as as mentioned earlier, it is a large part of this assessment. I also asked for more clarity in their post, as well as further research discussed rather than repeating information in both the video and post.

I linked a source that discussed the educational value of video games while also discussing its entertainment value with children, as I believe these points go hand-in-hand and provide an interesting take for future analysis.


What did you do?
For this assessment I commented on three other Beta posts and gave positive feedback and advice on how to improve in the future production of their DA’s.

What did you learn?

I learnt how to further research topics outside of my own analysis, as well as how to analyse and respond to others work through encouragement and constructive feedback.

What did you get out of the experience?

I enjoyed learning about other people’s plans for their Digital Artefacts and it helped me in how I can look at my own DA and construct feedback for myself.

How did you improve over the previous round of comments?

For this round of comments I tried to include feedback that revolved around the criteria for this assessment specifically as this would provide more helpful in the production of my classmates DA’s in the future.